Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alex's Girly Birthday Party

Alex had 6 friends over for her birthday. We had a lot of things planned and all went well. They were all soooo good! Chuck could not believe how well behaved they all were. I told him that 7 little boys could never be so quiet as those girls were!

Alex decorating her sleep shirt.
Alex got great gift!! This Hannah Montana doll is soooo loud Cindy...Thanks!!
The boys got to decorate their cupcakes! Yes, there was lots on icing on theirs!!
Hannah used lots of icing on hers!!

Avery is Alex's friend from school. She made a happy face cupcake.
Baylor and Alex are good friends for Pre-K.
Macey made a colorful cupcake. Alex and Macey have been friends since they were about 1 year old! She is part of our family.
Walela loves her chocolate! She is also a good friend from school.

Hayden & Logan decorated shirts that Grandma and Hayden designed.
The girls had fun playing in Alex's room.
Alex got lots of nice gifts from her friends.
The girls each decorated their own cupcakes...some had a little excessive icing!
Alex's cupcake.
Pizza was served for lunch.
Hannah, Alex & Macey
Baylor, Avery & Walela
Grandma Phyllis embroidered night shirts for each girl. They all said "Hannah Montana & Miley"..,..imagine that! The girls colored their shirts with fabric markers.
Job Well Done.

Alex's Birthday Cont.

Hayden came home and he had to give Alex her birthday presents. We also saved her "big" present for when he got home.
Alex missed her 'Bubba' while he was gone. Hayden got her a Camp Rock shirt and purse...right up her ally!
Alex had outgrown her old bike, so Mom and Hayden picked out this purple, sparkly one.
She can ride it, but has a little trouble stopping.
She is proud of it!!!

Alex's 6th Birthday

For Alex's birthday we opened presents in the morning and went out to eat at an Italian restaurant in Owasso (she wanted pizza). Hayden was still at Grandma Phyllis and Papa Terry's, so he missed the dinner.

If you can't tell....she loves Hannah Montana!
Notice the 2 missing bottom teeth.
Uncle Rustin was nice enough to bring Alex a birthday cake to the restaurant.
Uncle Rustin and Alex share their birthday....I think Alex might have made out a little better than Uncle Rustin.

Grandma Sarah and Papa Jim joined us for dinner.

Ralphy the Rat

Hayden and our neighbor Jayci have been saving $$ and cleaning out my car to purchase a rat.
Ralphy is only 3 weeks old. My hope is that everyone will fall in love with the baby Ralphy and will continue to love him as he grows into a true rat!!!

Alex's Pre-K Graduation

Alex's school had a "Fun Day" at the end of school. Our school mascot the "Cardinal" was there to play with the kids!!
Alex received her graduation certificate for Pre-K from the principal, Mrs. Pollard.
Mom, Dad and Hayden were there for the event.
Uncle Rustin just loves to attend the school programs!!!
Alex loves her teacher Mrs. Smith. We will all miss her next year in Kindergarten.

Ramblers Baseball

Hayden received a trophy for 2nd place team in his 7 Yr. Old Coach Pitch Baseball League. He also received "Defensive Player of the Year" from his team.
Hayden has become a good hitter for his team. He played pitcher on defense.

Hayden's Family Birthday

Family and neighbors came over on the evening of Hayden's birthday. We had a cookout followed by cupcakes and homemade icecream. He also got to open up family gifts and cards.
Wow, I can't believe he is 8 years old!
Hayden got new ramps for his scooter and bike.
Papa Jim and Grandma Sarah came to celebrate.
Hayden is acting more and more like Uncle Rustin....scary!
Hayden had baseball cupcakes this year.