Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Christmas

Papa Jim and Grandma Sarah were out of town over the holidays, so we had Christmas with them the weekend after.

Papa Jim is a fly fisherman and is working on making Hayden one. He got a fly fishing vest and waiders to go to the river with Papa.

Jim tried out the drums!

They made Alex a 4 baby bunkbed for her American Girl dolls. She also got new outfits for them.

Hayden recieved a telescope. He goes outside at night and looks at the moon and stars.

New Years Eve

We got a Wii a few months ago at the Knight household. For Christmas, I thought it would be nice if Hayden asked for the "Rock Band" game. It contains a guitar, drums and microphone. He never would bite on that idea, so Chuck finally said to leave him alone and he would buy it for me! ha ha Well, I got it for Christmas and we finally got all 3 pieces hooked up on New Years Eve. (yes it took us longer to figure it out than any kid!) I have to admit, we were thankful the kids were all at a neighbors house, because things got a little competitive and we didn't have natural musical talent!

Rock on! Girls Band Rocked!

Greg is the neighborhood "Drummer"!

Boys Band!

Girls, Girls, Girls...

Alex had her friend Macey over during Christmas break. They had a good time, especially in the barn with our new baby goats! Macey is an animal lover!!! It's hard to keep her out of the barn when she comes over.

This was Macey's favorite goat....a possible birthday gift perhaps!?!

They had fun scooting on the blanket on the wood floors. They can have the most fun doing the littlest things! I love hearing them giggling and screaming, they are all girl.