Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31st Pics

What a proud big brother!

Alex loves her little sister!

My girls getting their beauty sleep.

Friday, May 29, 2009

May Pics

Hayden received his first communion when Parker was 3 days old!

Grandma Phyllis, Papa Jim and Aunt Sherry came to Hayden's first communion.

Parker a week old.

The kids were so excited to meet their sister and brought her gifts!!

Proud brother and even prouder mother of 3!

The newest Knight & Kid Pics

Parker Grace Knight was born on April 30 and weighed 7 lbs 7 oz. She is a blessing to our family and we love her soooo much!

Parker visited Hayden's school and his friends love her!

Hayden and his teacher at their year end Luau.

Alex, Daddy and Parker at Kindergarten Graduation.

Parker at 4 weeks.

Alex at Graduation

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Shower Pics

One thing that I am very blessed with is awesome friends! I had two baby showers and these are a few pics from them. My Owasso friends & neighbors were at one and then Hayden's school had myself and another PTO mom a shower this week. As you can see from the pics they were both a wonderful time and yes, I have very generous and creative friends (if I do say so myself).

Look at these personalized burp clothes and blankets, I got even more of them. Parker will be in style!

I had lots of help, it was the girls 1st baby shower....hope it met their expectations!

Chuck's Aunt Sherry, my mom Phyllis and my aunt Anna Mae all came in town for the shower! Oh, yes, I am also blessed with wonderful family!!!

Can you believe we had over 6 inches of snow the last weekend in March! Crazy Oklahoma weather! But it didn't stop many of them, we still had a great time!

The pregos! Myself, Cindy and her sister Sharon.....all due by August!

Alex had to try her baby dolls out in all of Parkers stuff! Just making sure it all works we

Mrs. Stephen (Hayden and Alex's kindergarten teacher) came to my school shower! We love her!!!

I have wonderful friends at school as well! I can't believe that a couple of years ago, I didn't know anyone at our school and now they are like another family! We have great teachers and staff!!!!

Easter 2009

It has been awhile since I've posted pics. But actually there hasn't been a lot going on that has been picture worthy. Here are some pics of our Easter. The bunny showed up at our house (outside) on Saturday because there was a 100% chance of rain on Easter and guess what...they were right! I have a thing about hunting Easter eggs, it must be done outside! I have a couple of stories about the pics, first notice Chuck's pink shirt and tie....Alex picked that out and was so proud of herself! I did call Chuck before I purchased the clothes and he said he would wear it and he did!
The kids can't wait for their sister, Parker Grace. They are always talking to her and kissing her (my belly!).

Please note Daddy's "pink" shirt & tie! What he will do for his little girl! Can you tell Hayden loves wearing a tie!

Easter morning. The Easter bunny lefts baskets inside this year, we had rain all day long.

The kids hunted eggs on Saturday with our neighbor, Jayci. We also had new baby goats and yes they are spoiled!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Alex - Her first cooking experience

Alex received 2 new cookbooks for Christmas. For her Papa Jim's birthday, she wanted to cook something for him. We went through her Paula Dean cookbook and she selected cinnamon rolls. Believe it or not, they were made from crescent rolls, cinnamon and sugar and marshmallows. And even more surprising, they were good! We had a hard time keeping Hayden out of them! I was very proud of her and her Papa enjoyed them.

House Addition

This is the door that currently goes out to the attic. This will all be torn out and the staircase opened up.


Closet for storage (10ft x 3 ft)

TV area

Hallway to bathroom (a closet will be opened up for access other than through Alex's room)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Christmas

Papa Jim and Grandma Sarah were out of town over the holidays, so we had Christmas with them the weekend after.

Papa Jim is a fly fisherman and is working on making Hayden one. He got a fly fishing vest and waiders to go to the river with Papa.

Jim tried out the drums!

They made Alex a 4 baby bunkbed for her American Girl dolls. She also got new outfits for them.

Hayden recieved a telescope. He goes outside at night and looks at the moon and stars.

New Years Eve

We got a Wii a few months ago at the Knight household. For Christmas, I thought it would be nice if Hayden asked for the "Rock Band" game. It contains a guitar, drums and microphone. He never would bite on that idea, so Chuck finally said to leave him alone and he would buy it for me! ha ha Well, I got it for Christmas and we finally got all 3 pieces hooked up on New Years Eve. (yes it took us longer to figure it out than any kid!) I have to admit, we were thankful the kids were all at a neighbors house, because things got a little competitive and we didn't have natural musical talent!

Rock on! Girls Band Rocked!

Greg is the neighborhood "Drummer"!

Boys Band!