Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Christmas

Papa Jim and Grandma Sarah were out of town over the holidays, so we had Christmas with them the weekend after.

Papa Jim is a fly fisherman and is working on making Hayden one. He got a fly fishing vest and waiders to go to the river with Papa.

Jim tried out the drums!

They made Alex a 4 baby bunkbed for her American Girl dolls. She also got new outfits for them.

Hayden recieved a telescope. He goes outside at night and looks at the moon and stars.


Cindy Kirkpatrick said...

What fun Christmas toys! Can I come and play? Does the telescope really work? And are those beds really for the dolls or is that something for the new arrival coming in May?? Too Fun!!!

Michelle said...

Great toys! Looks like you have a wonderful christmas.

christy said...

Wow! I love the bunk bed idea! I need to have that made for my girls - maybe floor to ceiling?!