Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Shower Pics

One thing that I am very blessed with is awesome friends! I had two baby showers and these are a few pics from them. My Owasso friends & neighbors were at one and then Hayden's school had myself and another PTO mom a shower this week. As you can see from the pics they were both a wonderful time and yes, I have very generous and creative friends (if I do say so myself).

Look at these personalized burp clothes and blankets, I got even more of them. Parker will be in style!

I had lots of help, it was the girls 1st baby shower....hope it met their expectations!

Chuck's Aunt Sherry, my mom Phyllis and my aunt Anna Mae all came in town for the shower! Oh, yes, I am also blessed with wonderful family!!!

Can you believe we had over 6 inches of snow the last weekend in March! Crazy Oklahoma weather! But it didn't stop many of them, we still had a great time!

The pregos! Myself, Cindy and her sister Sharon.....all due by August!

Alex had to try her baby dolls out in all of Parkers stuff! Just making sure it all works we

Mrs. Stephen (Hayden and Alex's kindergarten teacher) came to my school shower! We love her!!!

I have wonderful friends at school as well! I can't believe that a couple of years ago, I didn't know anyone at our school and now they are like another family! We have great teachers and staff!!!!